Women Geometric Luminous Backpack

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 You were born to shine. So why is your backpack boring?  

This premium Geometric Luminous Backpack will turn your backpack game from zero to hero with our amazing Luminous material.

 What is the Geometric Luminous Backpack?

The backpack is designed and covered with star-shard geometrical patterns... giving it a unique and techwear inspired look.

The diamond-shaped geometrical patterns reflect with different colors that constantly change in color... making it look like a real-life plasma.

The rainbow colors have the high density of violet, purple, pink, green and a whole host of other shades. These shades comprise and make the bag look beautiful as a bright-red holograph.

4 compartments for easy, convenient storage.

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The Geometric Luminous Backpack s elegantly designed by our talented professionals and designers. Simply, inside the bag there is generous space to store different products such as your books, headphones, cellphone, tablet and even a MacBook.

You Can Even Use This Bag Without The Fancy Lighting...

Let me explain...

The bag will dim to a deep black... giving the bag a "minimalistic" look. This gives the bag a luxurious and modern aesthetic.  

The pack is made of pure PU leather that gives the backpack a unique sense of luxury and class. 

The interior of the bag features the polyester fabric of premium quality, and there is 4 pockets total.

One is the main pocket, which is a large compartment. The second pocket is the zipper pocket, and the other two are small opened pockets to store small accessories safely.

The bag is stylish and durable... preventing damage to your goods inside.