Waterproof Pet Car Seat

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We know that you love your dog and that’s why you want to take him along everywhere but at the same time you also want to protect your car. Our pet car seat covers allow your dog to travel around in your car comfortably, and at the same time protect your car from hair, smell, and general destruction. 

Give your pets a luxurious and comfy ride in the car with these waterproof car seat covers. The purpose is to keep them cosy as well as keep the car clean at the same time. Even for times when your dog isn’t in the car, this cover will protect your seats from kids, too. There are seat anchors to keep the cover in place while the non-slip net will ensure your pets don’t slide off when seated on this cover. Riding with your pets and family just got less messy and more enjoyable.


1. Mesh viewing part: it is the wisest design of this cover, which offers drive and pet owner a real-time perspective to check pets’ situation. Both communication and interaction could meet at the same time.

2. Storage pockets: this portable pet seat cover have two storage pockets which could be used to store some pets’ issues such as brush or pets’ toy.

3. Waterproof design: we ensure the water won’t permeate this cover that wet your car seat. The waterproof fabric used to as the main material. Therefore, there is no worries of dogs’ wet paws.

4. Ultra large size: 137x147cm could perfectly suit different car size. With a fully protection, not only the car seat but also car inside decoration could be protected.

5. Easy installation: this cover design with wise hooks which are length adjustable. Hence, it will just take few minutes to install.



Color: black or orange&black

Size: 143x152cm or 137x147cm