Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

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1. noise less than 35 dB.

2. During the spraying process, a large amount of oxygen is released, which can effectively increase the humidity in the room, facilitating dry air.

3. Multifunctional humidifier, unique design - it is decorated, the appearance is simpler and easier to use.

4. Health and humidity in the bedroom.

5. Low noise, moisturizer creates mist, moisturizes the skin and the whole body.


Material: PP + silicone

Type: humidifier

Style / Color: yellow, blue, green, pink

Input voltage: DC 5 V

Product size: 6 * 15 cm

Power Consumption: 2 W

Amount of sprayer: 40 ml / h (left and right)

Corporate standard: Q / WTSJ002-2016

Operating current: 400 mA

Water bottle capacity: 250 ml

Use time: 6 hours or so (6 hours auto power off)

Package includes: 1 * humidifier + 2 * sponge