Silicone heater

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It will help you keep your tea and coffee warm in winter.
Silicone non-slip, durable, elegant appearance.
The perfect gift for loved ones, friends and loved ones.
USB connector is convenient and safe.
1. Connect the USB cable to the computer or 5V charger interface, the cup holder will start to generate heat.
2. Please do not use the embedded bottom cup, the glass cup is best.
3. Do not use cups that are too thick underneath, or this cup, which is heat-resistant less than 70 degrees Celsius.
4. Please do not use this insulation cup for external functions.
5. Please unplug the USB cable when not use to extend product life.
6. It is used only to keep your tea or coffee warm, but not for heating.
Material: silicone, carbon, metal
Diameter: 9 cm / 3.54in (approx.)
Cable Length: 110 cm / 43.31in (approx.)
Connector: USB
Voltage: DC 5 V
Current: 750MA
Power: 3.75 W
Quantity: 1 pcs. (Other accessories demo in the photo are not included)