MYMI Wonder Patch

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How to Mymi Wonder Patch could reduce body cellulite?

Main Component's Effects - Sophoricoside, Capsaicin, Salicornia Herbachea, Catechin, Caffeine.

They can be believed via the results of clinic trials.

  • Sophoricoside: Natural patented medicinal substance that has temporarily decreases body fat.
  • Salicornia herbacea : Softens skin and manages triglyceride.
  • Capsaicin: Temporarily decreases fat and cellulite in body.
  • Caffeine: Enhances elasticity and suppresses swelling temporarily decreases cellulite by making fat cell's collagen tissue flexible.
  • Far Infrared ray /Anion: Accelerates circulation and maintains warm skin temperature.

Use Tips for MYMI Wonder Patch

  1. After removing any moisture and cosmetics from the spot to attach a Wonder Patch, then attach it.
  2. At the initial use, please keep the patch attached on the spot for 3~4 hours depending on user’s flash texture. Then you can use a same patch maximally for 8 hours with gradually increasing the patch use hours.
  3. In case of using a Wonder Patch on the same body spot, recommend to use every other day, and in case of using every day, recommend to use a new patch on each different body part, avoiding the same spot.
  4. Taking regular exercise and strict diet with this Wonder Patch for 4~6 weeks, then you can expect to reduce more cellulite.
  5. If you feel strong irritation, ripping off a patch from a body spot, then it is convenient to attach a patch after applying small body cream on spot to attach it.
  6. In case of feeling itchy while using a patch, never scratch the itchy spot and rub with cold pack or ice on the spot. And then resume using a patch at intervals of 2~3 days.