Magnetic Therapy Foot Insoles

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1. Made of high-quality materials, durable and non-toxic.
2. These magnets emit magnetic waves that weaken fat cells in the body.
3. Walk with a magnetic insole to relieve back tension.
4. Helps increase blood circulation in the feet and relieve pain.
5. The raised areas provide arch support while the multiple holes provide ventilation to keep the feet cool.

  • Chiropractors Won’t Solve your Problem: Magnetic Insole Ends Back Pain
  • All You Need to do is Slide it in Your Shoes & the Magnetic Acupuncture Points Will Relieve Back Pain
  • Get Back to Enjoying Life: No More Suffering From Pain All Day
  • Join 20,000 Customers That Have Already Experienced Pain Relief from Magnetic Insoles
  • Fiber + Medical Silicone Gel The Transparent Magnetic Shoe Insoles can make the blood vessel of thenar outspread, absorbing the heat, and transmit the teat to apparatuses all over the body, urge the deleterious material of blood vessel, such as Calcium, Lactic Acid, Uric Acid excrete outside quickly, and make your blood circulate fluently.
  • The size of the shoe Insoles is adjustable and suitable for everyone. You can change the size by cutting according to the available curl line if necessary. Easy cut to fit your foot
  • Unique magnetic acupressure designed and scientific construction. Sweat-proof, refreshing, venting, shockproof. It's designed with the foot pressure points and the magnetic position to help relieve fatigue.
  • Spread the dummy's blood vessel, absorb the heat, and send the teat to devices over the body. Dismantle the harmful material of blood vessels such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid exudate out quickly. Make your blood circulate smoothly.