Luminous LED ballons

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  • The Largest Blowing Size: 18 inches
  • Fluorescent Form:Always bright
  • Colors:clear
  • Light color: multicolor
  • luminous balloons can be applied in various festivals, parties, anniversary celebrations and weddings.
  • Material: latex


  1. Before the air is inflated, it is small, but after inflation, it can rise very much.
  2. Pinch the edge of the balloon, pull it horizontally and longitudinally.
  3. Smooth the pulled ball and unfold it.
  4. Use a helium cylinder or pumping equipment to inflate the ball through the port.
  5. When refilling to near the dimension, slow down the inflation rate, and then refill the food to the appropriate size.
  6. When the side folds are reopened, it is best to press 1cm down with your hand for best results.
  7. Start to rotate down at a distance of 2cm from the inflation port.
  8. Use a gas port to make a knot(as pic a), or tie the two knots up and down with a rope(as pic b).

Package Inclued:

1 x 18inch LED balloon 
1 x led rope (2PCS AA Battery not include)