Hamburger Forms

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3 in 1 Hamburger cooking device, professional device, has 3 different functions. The main three functions of separate filling press for the formation of patties is an additional mini-hamburger form, innovative design, the best filling of the hamburger and a removable bottom, keeping the cake in the same shape as you form.
A non-stick coating — simply speaking, special materials for hamburgers can make a hamburger of perfect shape and no need to worry about removing them. Meat does not stick to durable, non-sticky plastic.
Unique and innovative design is the easiest way to make hamburgers. As with other products, the design we produce helps you remove the perfect hamburger from a hamburger printer without using an extra kitchen tool, because it has a removable bottom.
Material: ABS
Size: 125 * 125 * 60 mm / 4.92 * 4.92 * 2.36 "
Weight: 173 g