Full Automatic Car Umbrella

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Portable car tent/car umbrella/automobile protection for sedans, SUV, hatchbacks, luxury cars, small cars, pickup trucks, minivan, pickup, etc. 


Easy to Operate / Automatic with Remote Control: New and automatic folded car umbrella; 8 seconds for opening, 30 seconds for installation.

Foldable & Portable: 85 cm (33.46 inches) in length after folded up in a storage bag and 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs) in weight, without any extra burden to your trunk. 

Sunproof/Sun Shade with 99% UV Ray Reflect: Silver coated PU material, reduce interior temperature up to 25℃ (45℉), keep you cool in car, emission reduction and fuel saving, prevent the car formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases.


Multifunction Car Protection: Protect your car from heat, dust, acid rain, snow, bird dropping, deciduous leaves etc. Occasions: Parking, Camping trips, Business trips, and taking a nap in the car while waiting.

Strong Double Windproof Design: Protective to both the umbrella and the car. Hold strong on the roof in the stormy wind. The four windproof rope with a hook in the four corner ensured the stability of the car umbrella.


Anti-theft Design: Steel wire made anti-theft rope for maximum security.

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1.Auto-Manual 2in1, pull out lock-pin, can switch auto type to manual.

2.Remote Automatic folding, new and patented automatic folded structure, strong wireless remote control, stretch freely, relaxed elegance and easy operation. 8 secs for opening, 30 secs for installtion.

3.There is a vacuum suction cup on the base.

4.Tempertature difference, more than 30 degrees lower than the car exposed under the sun.

5.Air is ventilated between the tent and the car, heat will not transmitted into the car even if the tent surface temperature increase.

6.Multi Car Protection, the big surface can protect car from dust, acid rain, bird dropping, deciduous etc.

7.Double Windproof design, the strong double windproof design prevent the car umbrella to be damaged in heavy windy weather. First protection , the six windproof rope with hook in the four corner ensured the stability of the car umbrella; The second protection, the half fixed connection between tarp and the skeleton prevent the skeleton from damage, when the wind release automatically, tent and skeleton seperated.

8.Anti-theft design, there is steel wire in the anti-thief rope, it can't be cut easily.

9.Branded battery cells come with advanced electronic management programs to ensure long-life batteries.

10.Adapt high density 210D oxford cloth, durable and waterproof process to make the cloth clean.


Material: Oxford
Type: Full-Automatic Car Roof Umbrella
Size: 400x210cm

Package included:

1x Car Roof Umbrella
1xRemote Control