EMS Hips Trainer Muscle Hip Stimulator

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Ladies, Do You Want To Lift And Shape That Rear End?

A sagging rear end is generally caused by a lack of muscle definition in the gluteus maximus, the large muscles in the buttocks.

Now with Hip Trainer you can develop the muscles of the buttocks and hips region with less effort thanks to a perfectly targeted electrostimulation.

With a U-Shaped design and ergonomic cushions that cover targeted regions in the buttocks, Hip Trainer reaches out to nerves where they are most concentrated, branching out to the glutes causing them to contract and release naturally.

The electronic pulses contracting and releasing the muscles is what works the muscle making them stronger, firmer and more toned!

With a push of a button you can easily adjust the intensity of the stimulation and go about your business while the electromagnetic pulses help tone and define your buttocks.

There are many workout methods and exercises that can be done along with diets but often the traditional ways don’t always fit into women’s busy schedules.

 Toning the buttocks isn’t the easy spot to firm up.

That’s why Hip Trainer can be a solution to all these situations. Hip Trainer can be worn and doing its job while you take care of your baby or even while you’re just taking care of your daily chores at home.

No more worrying about your form or come up with time (motivation) if you have a busy schedule to get it done.

With just 15 minutes a day Hip Trainer will allow you to target your rear end by electronic stimulated contractions that target the same muscles that you work so hard for such as, leg lifts, squats, and any exercises that target your buttocks.

It does all the work and you get all the benefits of a more attractive and sexy firm rear end that looks amazing.

Electrostimulation Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a contraction of muscles by small electrical impulses. EMS technology is recognized as a pro-active muscle building tool. Tones the muscle causing them reduction and rectification by means of electrical impulses through the skin.

You will effortlessly exercise these muscles thanks to the perfectly targeted electro-stimulation in only a few minutes per day.

This buttocks massager will not only make your buttocks more flexible and plump but also massage your lumbar spine to make you more comfortable.

It serves in particular for:

  • Muscle Building
  • To Tone Muscles and Improve Body Aesthetics
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Prevent injuries