DIY Hair Cream Mascara

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Various colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. Show off your true colors with the Hair Cream Mascara. Add temporary streaks of color using the colorful chalk pens on your hair. Create a fashion statement using the special tools to add beads and finish your designer hair do.

  •  STYLING & COLORING WITH A CHALK: A versatile hairdressing pomade that allows you to mould, sculpt and create texture. Enjoying everyday to begin with a new hair style that designed as you like at home instead of salon
  • TEMPORARY HAIR DYE CHALK: It’s kind of messy and clumpy, but easy to wash out completely with water. It's like any other hair gel which won’t harm your hair, but a good holding effects may cause to a hair shape change as you prefer
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of plant extracts, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly and no harm to your health
  • NON-TOXIC: Do not harm to your hair. (Especially no 2-4 amino benzene methyl ether which Is existing in most hair colorants and able to cause cancer)

How to use:

1. Make your hair keep a little wet when you use the hair chalks.

2. Apply the hair chalks smoothly and evenly from root to tip.

3. After you finished, use a hairdryer to make the hair dry.

4. Apply hair spray or hair wax to make it more natural.


1. The hard comb used to make your hair color look more natural, and the soft comb used to brush off the extra color.

2. Please be careful near water and rain also snow as the chalk may stain your clothes. Also, please be noted that your hair maybe a bit dry after you use the temporary hair chalk, but this does not affect the appearance.

Warm Tips:

It can be maintained for 1-2 days. Also it can be cleaned in second days.

It is advisable to wash it away from the hair on the same day, or wrap it in a headscarf so as not to color the pillow.


Materials: Non-toxic, Do Not Harm To Your Hair and Skin.

Features: Temporary Hair Color Touch-up,easy to use, Color Fast and Highlights, If you don't like it, Washes Out Easily With Shampoo.

Size:12.2cm*2cm*1.5cm, 15ml. Rainbow color hair chalk - 13 color.

Application: Salon Diy Hair Dyeing,Party,Ourdoor,Cosplay, Best Gifts, Festival.

Apply to all types of hair, Make hair more changeable, beautiful.