Digital LED Alarm Clocks Electronic Table Calendar

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Special features
Normal time mode: the product displays the time, date (2000-2099), week and temperature. And it can switch between the display 12/24 hours.
Alarm mode and snooze: you can set the daily alarm time; Up to 8 well-known melodies can be selected as an alarm, and at the same time the snooze function can be triggered.
World time mode: world time and local time can be displayed together. And it can set the time of 16 megalopolises as local time.
Timer mode: the countdown can be set with a range of 23: 59: 59-0: 00: 00, when it arrives at the set time, the product will alarm.
Thermometer: the product can automatically measure and display the temperature of the current environment with a range of 0 ° C-50 ° C (or 32-122). under normal condition, press the "° C /" button to switch between the Celsius or Fahrenheit display.
Multilingual function: the product can display a week in 7 different languages ​​(English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French) to make it more convenient for more users around the world. Sound control function: press the light button, and the light can be started or closed. The light can also be started by sounding from a gentle hit on the table or clapping in the 1 m range or touching any place on the product. In the convenience of reading the time at night, the light automatically turns off within 5 seconds.
Weight: 110g
Width: 40mm
Length: 105mm
Size: Mini size: 10.5*5.2*4cm/4.13*2.04*0.94in