Car Back Seat Air Bed

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Airbed for in your car

This airbed can be put in the rear of your car. The air bed has a size of 137 x 85 cm and a thickness of 35 cm. You can rest very comfortably and softly on it. If you have to make a long trip in your car,  drive some hours and then close your eyes on this fun car airbed. You do not need to inflate this car bed yourself, but it can be filled with air by means of the car pump. The air bed is made of high-quality material. It resists the friction of turning on the mattress and is moisture resistant.


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If you really want to rest, you must lay on a bed to give your muscles the right relaxation. Sleeping in your car seat is really not wise and can cause physical complaints. Always take this car airbed with you if you are planning to get on the road for a longer time. And of course, it's also an outcome during the holiday, when you have to make a very long ride. Even as an emergency solution to sleep in your own vehicle this airbed is suitable. Because the car bed is perfectly tuned to the rear seat, you will be comfortable and you can rest well. The car bed is suitable for a few minutes or just for a whole night.


Of course, you also want to rest out on your way, maybe even overnight. With this car bed, is not a problem either. And because the car bed is 44 cm thick, you can also comfortably rest on it. Thanks to this airbed for the car, you can sleep well all the time. Goodnight!

Made of high-quality materials

Size: 900*1350mm

Thickness: 35 cm

Moisture proof

Ideal for on the road

Material: PVC