The Ultimate Anti Blue Ray Computer Glasses

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High quality and stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life.

Block harmful blue light from screens

The perfect combination of health and style. Screens are part of our daily life now and this is why we think computer glasses should be a no-brainer tool to use on a daily basis. 

Your new glasses won’t just help you sleep better and improve your health; now they come with an evolved Blue light blocking lens for better protection, and a great design to keep your cool style wherever you go!

What are we solving?

We live totally surrounded by screens, spending almost 9 hours a day, on average, in front of digital devices. All these digital devices are emitting harmful blue light and our eyes are not prepared for the overexposure that we are suffering these days.  

Because of that, a new Digital Sickness called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is emerging. 

Typical image you will see in an office after long hours in front of screens
A typical image you will see in an office after long hours in front of screens

CVS affects 90% of people spending more than 3 hours per day in front of screens and some of the symptoms are:  

  • Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye fatigue 
  • Headaches, neck pain 
  • Double vision, vertigo/dizziness, difficulty refocusing the eyes
  • Reduction of melatonin production 
  • Change in sleeping cycles (circadian rhythms) 

Our lenses have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as smartphone, TV, tablet or computer screens. As technology evolves, so does our special Blue Light Blocking Lenses. 

This new collection’s lenses have 65 Blue Light Protection factor and block 100% of the Blue Light at 410nm. You will be protected in any kind of situation.

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If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2-week try and we'll refund you, no questions!