3P Tactical Backpack

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Many men shy away from tactical backpacks for fashion reasons. This is understandable—there’s no question that one of those hipster leather backpacks goes way better with your favorite athleisure outfit. However, the problem with a hipster backpack is that sometimes you actually want to do things. Like carry significant amounts of cargo, or go on a camping trip. And that’s when you’ll find out why tactical backpacks are good—when your fashionable little vintage-style backpack breaks a strap suddenly, or can’t carry what you need.


Military tactical backpack rugged weather resistant great premium oxford cloth material with strong big teeth zippers
Durable buckles for a great long use, water resistance makes it possible to carry it in a drizzle day
Multiple large exterior and interior pockets for organizing storage, the military tactical backpack can put more things you want on the way
Compatible for items and attachments. One main bag with 2 detachable pockets attached on the front and back
Adjustable shoulder strap, chest belt and hip belt for heaving loading, great ideal for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, trekking, traveling, etc.
One zipper on the middle of two shoulder straps makes it portable to carry only on one shoulder, releasing shoulder pain and relax yourself
Capacity: 43L
The maximum load: 30kg
Shoulder strap: 47 - 61cm/18.50 - 24.02 inches
Chest strap: 11 - 45cm/4.33 - 17.72 inches
Waist circumference: 35 - 68cm/17.78 - 26.78 inches
Top side strap: 11 - 32cm/4.33 - 15.60 inches
Down side strap: 11- 26cm/4.33 - 10.24 inches